In addition to my practice as a visual artist I co-ran a peripatetic artist-run gallery project Washington Garcia with gallerist Kendall Koppe and artist Ruth Barker between 2006 and 2009. Exhibitions included Claire Barclay, Kalup Linzy and Nick Evans.

For a number of years I have also written, recorded, produced and performed music, both solo and with a number of groups. Between 2004 and 2008, I played guitar with Mother and the Addicts, releasing two albums worldwide on Chemikal Underground records and touring extensively. I also played guitar with Big Ned whose album was released on Optimo Music. I performed, recorded and produced an EP, released on 10" vinyl on Optimo Music, under the name Older Lover:

"Older Lover is a smoky, noirish take on psychedelia with glam stylings and dub sonics thrown in for good measure. Both the cinema of the silent-screen villain, with its flickering silhouettes and sinister, magical lustre, and the spooky hold on the imagination of the pulsing, saturated analogue signals of the immediately pre-digital, cold war period, are as much influences as any musical genre, past or present. Recorded and produced with a nod to the grain and patina of these past eras, via the homemade waywardness of Swell Maps or The Homosexuals, the Older Lover EP is an astute and compelling exercise in dark and seductive rock n roll."



01/04/13 I've been commissioned to by Moshi Moshi Records to make the video for the debut single for Casual Sex.



 01/10/12 A video I recently made for a track by Errors has just been released as part of their New Relics limited edition VHS album release on Rock Action Records...



06/05 /12  Life As We Know It   - Glasgow International Festival of visual Art 2012 closing event, Mono, Glasgow. I created and screened a video for, and performed alongside (on bowed electric guitar) Glasgow band The Rosy Crucifixion. Here is the  video: